Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traveling Places Essay

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1.1Why did I choose this topic?
Every now and then we completely zone out and forget everything around us. We imagine what life could be like and where it might take us one day. I have caught myself in such a situation several times already and I was usually thinking about traveling. Traveling places. Beautiful, aesthetic and outstanding places. Traveling the world.
I believe each and every one of us is a dreamer deep inside. I also believe many of us dream of traveling somewhere. Somewhere beautiful, somewhere historical maybe, or even somewhere where it is lonely; simply to take a break. To take a break from work. To take a break from family. To take a break from our everyday lives.
Do you have a dream or travel destination?
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A bunch of positive aspects cross my mind too, for instance: You will make life long friends. Your language skills will improve. You will learn lots of new things about you and about others. You will experience a new culture and make unforgettable memories. The list can go on and on.
Nonetheless, I have to admit that there is one other huge negative aspect which probably is the most common reason for students not to go on an exchange year.
I am referring to the money here. Taking an exchange year is in the majority of cases very expensive. So, why do people spend apparently so much money on attending a school in another country? Obviously there are many advantages, but are they sufficient? Or are high schools in the United States simply better and more fun than schools in Germany?
My curiosity to get answers to these questions grew bigger and bigger, so I decided to create a survey. The survey serves to compare the school I am attending right now, the ‘Carolus-Magnus.Gymnasium’ (CMG) in Germany, with the school I was attending in 2016 and 2017, ‘Colby High School’ (CHS) in the United States of

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