Why I Love Traveling Essay

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Travelling, as all great people infer, is probably the only way to explore the world, to explore diverse cultures. The prime reason being the avid beauty it provides – from a rich history to a promising present, from marvellous naturally formed architectures to human-made sky-scrappers, from rivers to dams, from sending messages through a dove to travelling in railways. The list is endless. Every time one begins to explore, an individual finds an unexplored world with full of mysteries. Often, a traveller enjoys the journey more than the destination since it prepares her for the destination. From smooth roads to scenic railways, from endless sea to fresh air, one can prefer any mode of transportation to reach the destination with every mode providing its own unique experiences. More than the status quotient, it’s accessibility on which any individual makes her choice to travel. It’s a thing of past when only higher class used to fly and middle class used to travel either by train or bus. Because of globalisation, nowadays every mode is accessible by one and all. Recently, I went to a friend’s place to attend his parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. After a boring party, I had to wait on the railway platform for my train for good 01-01:30 hours. My mind is always hungry to explore and before I plugged my earphones, he started wandering and I…show more content…
These mindsets define the pace any individual follow to achieve her target. Taking our comparison further, there are trains with variable speed - super-fast express, express and passenger trains. People travelling in a super-fast express can be considered as people with quick and firm determination with set targets whereas people travelling in passenger trains can be the ones who are believers of the philosophy ‘slow and steady, wins the race’, and the passengers of express trains could be people who enjoy their journey more than the
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