The Importance Of Treasures In The Necklace

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In today’s world and society, everything is extremely money-oriented. People have the tendency to put lots of value on tangible objects around them and fail to realize that some of the most important things are not something you can touch. The things that people tend to cherish more are treasures, or, things that carry sentimental value and cannot be sold; these are things such as love, friendship, health, family and more. Other times, people choose to put value on luxury items or things with a big price tag because they are materialistic or have a notion that owning these items will make them happier. In the course of every person’s life, they learn that money cannot buy happiness. Treasures are things that people value highly and cherish; they are priceless things. In the short story, “ Civil Peace ” by Chinua Achede, the protagonist Jonathan Iwegbu has…show more content…
At some point a friend of Madame Loisel lets her borrow a diamond necklace, with the following text in paragraph 48 being her reaction: “... her heart started beating with overwhelming desire. Her hands trembled as she picked it up.” Madame Loisel goes to even call this piece of jewelry, a “treasure”, and ends up putting so much value into this item based on solely appearance that she later struggles to pay off debts when she loses it. Mathilde just assumed that it was an expensive item and because of this, ended up putting a great price on it. Although she made a big deal about receiving such a thing from a friend, it only gave her temporary happiness at the ball. When the party was over, she was fine with giving back the necklace, so it could not have possibly been a treasure as it was a valuable. Also, Madame Loisel was never truly satisfied with what she had. She never realized that she was already very fortunate, and when she tried looking for more than what she had, she only got
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