The Importance Of Trophys For Children

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Do we give children and students too many trophies? Many would say no, we have to work for what we want in life. Not to just receive it on a silver platter. Kids who are praised for their effort rather than their ability to strive harder, enjoy activities more, and deal with failure in a more resilient way. Trophies are for those who strive to do better in any type of activity, whether it is a sport, extra curriculum. Studies have shown that rewarding kids just for participating can have a negative impact, producing a self-obsessed, irresponsible, and unmotivated generation of false achievers. Therefore, I agree that trophies for just participation is unnecessary and sends a message to students that you don 't have to work for what you want. Participation should be recognized not awarded. Today, trophies for participation are a given, which teaches children that no matter what that they do they are always winners which is not realistic. For example, in the article, "Should children receive trophies for just showing up", it explains why a trophy is needless, I think it 's a little bit excessive," Harter says, leaning toward No. Instead of a firm No, though, she re-frames my question: At what time of [a child 's] life do we want to bring home the cruel reality that somebody 's better than somebody else?". I am aware that children and students deserve awards, however that doesn 't mean every child deserves one if they don 't put any effort in improvement or leadership. It
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