The Importance Of True Friendships In My Life

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True friendships are like stars on a cloudy night, you may not see them, but they 're always there. I read this in a toilet cubicle when I was in seventh grade at school.
By then, it was all about popularity, guys, makeup, clothes and all those middle school flings. It was incredibly important to me that I remained seated with my usual group of friends during lunch, and that we all remained together in the hallways. I laughed along with the secrets they shared, usually accompanied with their high pitched giggles. I pretended that I cared about the “hottest” celebrities, and of the newest makeup brand. Most of the times I tittered along with them, feigning acts as if the newest celebrity gossip was the most important thing in my life. I desperately attempted to begin
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These two words struck me like a knife. It was then that I had a moment of realisation, that friends are people I should feel confident and comfortable with, not people I should be playacting with. She gave me loads of advice, and she told me that eventually, I should move to her table during lunch. The heavy elephant that had been clinging onto my back magically disappeared. After talking to her, I pondered over whether I should move to another table or not for a month. During this month, my new friend was always next to me, making me feel better and understanding me.
Eventually, I made my ultimate decision that I would move tables on the following Wednesday at school. Now that I think of it, I find myself laughing that I had been so concerned about sitting in a different table during lunch. But this incident wasn’t about me just simply sitting in a different table. This incident taught me something. It taught me that true friendship is firstly, that friends understand, secondly, that friends are there for you during times of confusion, and thirdly that friends listen. This is the true meaning of

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