Effective Teamwork: Prerequisites For Successful Team Work

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Each of those who has ever worked in team probably knows that collaborative work is not always effective enough and brings positive results. Why does it happen? What are the prerequisites for successful team work? There is a great number of factors. We can select them according to process order, timing (Fruchter, 1999), responsibilities’ division and personal characteristics of designers. Moreover, trust, motivation, tension etc. are of the great importance. According to Fruchter fragmentation is one of many typical behaviours among professionals. I would like to pay special attention to trust. Importance of this factor was pointed out by our lecturer, as well as I have found a lot of relevant opinions about it in literature. For instance,…show more content…
The lack of trust is one of the main reasons many individuals resist teamwork because when trust is lacking it interferes with effective teamwork. Despite the significant amount of literature on trust, it is a construct that is often overlooked in team research. As demonstrated by the studies above, trust is an important construct that is related to team performance and is included as one of the key variables in team work (Schiller et al.,…show more content…
A good supervisor can successfully integrate different areas of knowledge and ensure that specialists can work towards a common goal. Teams progress at different rates due to the respective relationships between personalities. These relationships ranged from professional to antagonistic. A common problem in any collaborative venture is the feeling that one partner may be contributing more than another. It can be even harder to overcome such difficulties if people do not have face-to-face contact. The setting of roles and responsibilities early in the project can again go a long way to alleviate such problems (Sclater, Grierson, Ion and Macgregor,

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