The Importance Of Trust In The Army

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The experience of warfare generates a beneficial impact on the proficiency with which Soldiers apply their training and expertise. The past 14 years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have produced skilled, versatile, and capable professionals in today’s Army. The American public views the military as a cherished profession that is trusted and relied upon to guarantee America’s security and freedom. Typically, professional organizations possess certain characteristics found within their employees and culture that are inherent to make effective institutions. Within the military organization, trust is the most important characteristic that must exist throughout internal military relationships and “civil-military relations.”1 The Army must continually and clearly distinguish what makes the Army a profession and how we see our professional Soldiers while maintaining the trust relationship.…show more content…
Odierno was quoted in Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 1-0 as saying “[We will] foster continued commitment to the Army Profession, a noble and selfless calling founded on the bedrock of trust.”2 As the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Odierno calls to focus the foundation of trust that is a necessary priority in the career model of professional Soldiers. Trust is found within the ranks of the Army as an earned credit to individuals who have proven to live the Army values through their actions and give sound guidance fostered by experience. Trust is gained with the public through positive actions and a consistent record of accomplishment. ADRP 1-0 states that “The Army cannot simply declare itself to be a profession; the American people, not the Army, determine when the U.S. Army is serving them as a military profession.”3 With enduring trust in Soldier’s capabilities, the Army will continue to be seen as a profession and build upon what it means to be a professional
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