The Importance Of Truth In Literature

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For as long as I can remember, telling the truth and finding out the truth have always been a vital part of my life. From a child seeking for answers from their parents to an adult asking for the truth from their children. The common assumption with the truth, is that it can be displayed in one way more than another, the different perspectives varying from a mathematician to an artist. This raises the question: to what extent can one area of knowledge tell the truth better than other areas of knowledge? While looking at the other areas of arts such as visual art and literature as well as mathematics, it is shown that one area of knowledge doesn’t tell the truth any more than the other areas of knowledge, although we see that ‘truth’ is actually perceived as different in all areas of knowledge. The definition of ‘truth’ must first be explained to further understand this question. 'Truth" is a fact or belief that is accepted as true. For something to be true, it has to be true for the public and individual, so this means it must be the same for everyone. However, each individual creates their own reality to some extent, meaning that it’s almost impossible for there to be truth independent for all. Literature as an art form can be relied on for telling the truth because it has the advantage of being presented in language that is understandable and able to be interpreted. To define literature, it is any written work, including novels, short stories, poems and more. As

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