Reflective Essay: The Importance Of The Word Preowned

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Pre-owned means, second hand to most of us (Banished). Which mostly means you’re probably not the first or only owner to own a certain object or a certain someone! However, most us in life aren’t so fortunate to open the brand-new phone and say its new, or to have the privilege to own brand new things. However, one thing that I found to be truth that I heard once is that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” (English). This quote I found to be truth and it has brought many blessing to my life, and experiences that has helped me grown as an individual and has affected my daily actions that I take on a day to day basis. My first middle school love her name was Micaela Rivera, she was the first true girl that I ever found an attraction for it seemed every time I would see her I had these butterflies in my stomach and…show more content…
Especially in the U.S. where almost 15 percent of the population lives in poverty which is about 45 million Americans just in the U.S. (Gongloof). How does someone expect this group have a place in society but, doesn’t have the funds to go into the world and look for material things instead of taking care necessities such as bills, expenses, education and much more. The great things about pre-owned is not a “hand me downs”, most of the time a preowned item must go through to inspection and must be just as good as if the product would be new with probably some cosmetic starches and so forth (English). But, people such as me that go to college and are trying to obtain a higher education will most likely go trough the struggles of not having the newest thing but having a “Pre-owned” item and having the insurance and trust that it wont brake on you such as a preowned car, laptop, book, etc. Is something great and not having preowned items in this world it would lose a market for those people that need items that aren’t new but

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