The Importance Of Turnover Intention

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Part 1: Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
Work-Life Balance Work-life balance is a major issue that faced by all members of society who are working. The work-life balance is known as a conceptualized idea of balance in individuals’ lives which is the achievement of best carry out their important roles among the different dimensions in life which is work, family and also leisure instead of the representation of perfect life (Amram 2004). The additional work hours that subtracted from home time while high work intensity or work pressure which may affect the quality of individual and family life. Therefore, the decision of employees whether to stay or to leave the organizations has affected directly by the degree of work-life balance.
Turnover Intention Yin-Fah (2010) had stated that employees’ turnover as a serious issue particularly in the field of human resources management. Turnover intention is the employees’ tendency to leave the organizations due to distinct factors such as the imbalance between work and individual life. In other words, turnover indicates a gap in the relationship between individuals and the organization (Chang, 1999). Thompson and Prottas (2006), who find a connection between turnover intention and support provided from informal organization by investigating the relation between turnover levels and organizational support for family requirements.
1.2 Statement of the problem
Organizations often face challenges associated with globalization of

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