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It is a common mistake to confuse a typeface with that of a font type. The difference between a typeface and a font type, though seemingly innocuous, trivial and even irrelevant, is of importance and consequence. From a legal perspective, typeface can be defined as the formation of “letters, numbers, or other symbolic characters whose forms are related by repeating design elements consistently” (H.R. (1976) [1476]). It is different from a ‘font’ which is defined as “an article in which a typeface resides as the implement of printing technology” (H.R. (1991-2) [1790]). In layman terms, the typeface would be used to describe the numerous metal blocks that a printer— or in the past, a printing press— might use to imprint on a material, created…show more content…
This short-term store or working memory is an integral component without which the Long-Term Store would be unable to retain the permanent information. It offers a working memory to act as a storage unit to temporarily manipulate information and it can help the system by alleviating the need to pay attention to the constant stream of changes taking place in the world outside (Shiffrin and Atkinson 1969). The working memory can retain information if the need arises, and thus is used frequently as the key memory device when concerning different types of tasks, holding the information in the Short-Term Store (Shiffrin and Atkinson 1969). It helps to control the information flow taking place within the system of memory and have a noticeable impact on performance of tasks such as rehearsal, for instance, an “overt or covert” method of repeating information, commonly used when trying to retain the digits of a phone number until it can be written down somewhere safely or trying to avoid the embarrassment of forgetting the name of a person newly introduced by repeating it inside the head until it is retained (Atkinson and Shiffrin

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