The Importance Of Uncertified Teachers

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A very common controversial topic in schools is bringing in uncertified people to teach in classrooms. Schools have teacher shortages and have a hard time bringing in former teachers (Laczko-Kerr & Berliner. 2003). Many uncertified teachers have some training to cope the shortage but not enough to help student’s performance (Laczko-Kerr & Berliner. 2003). Several uncertified teachers come from the national program Teach for America and some have bachelor’s degrees in anything with the ability to enter classrooms without training (Laczko-Kerr & Berliner. 2003). Within this issue in schools, brings in many cultural identifiers. Three cultural identifiers from uncertified teachers are educational background, academic social achievement, and work ethic. Uncertified teachers normally have some educational background with a bachelor’s degree, any academic or social achievement, and not a whole lot of experience with children from their past work experiences. Normally uncertified teachers are not prepared for how certified teachers are through years of schooling and training from education classes. Schools have always had the issue with the shortage of teachers because the types of education laws and issues that arise, which leads to about anyone stepping into the classroom (Sterling & Frazier. n.d). Uncertified teachers who have different educational backgrounds than certified teachers leaves the students not prepared or motivated to learn from someone who is not experienced in

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