The Importance Of Underprivileged School

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The school I choose to teach at would be a privileged school .I would choose a privileged school because I have been thought in a “middle class” school .My school was mostly an academic based school without much interclass competition .The school I have been thought in had similar qualities of a privileged and underprivileged school .My school in particular didn’t have a lot of technological equipment to teach lessons , but whatever they had they made full use of .My schools surroundings was not as good as a privileged school and was similar but not as bad as an underprivileged school. People should be against underprivileged schools because those schools do not have many resources and the educators are much unmotivated into doing their jobs. In order for any child to learn they need to feel that they are in a safe and secure learning environment where the school is clean, there are rules and regulations with boundaries not to over cross, the school has a solid structure with no graffiti on the school walls and a classroom without any broken windows or ceilings and even have desks that are clean and tidy without any graffiti on the desks. When teachers have enough resources at their disposal and good educators in the school who are motivated to teach lessons adequately then you are heading for a good educational year/years because in order to do your job to 100% you have to love and enjoy what you are doing otherwise it just seems like work and in the teaching career if a
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