The Importance Of Understanding Communication Theory

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All human beings communicate either with intention or without intention every single day. According to Barth (2014), Palo Alto Team stated “ one cannot not communicate” in one of their axioms of communication. Communication can be defined as “a social process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment” (Went & Turner, 2014, p. 5). It can be divided into three models in order to enhance our understanding towards the function of communication, which are mainly linear model, interactional model and transcactional model (Wood, 2009). According to Went & Turner, 2014, there are also different traditions and contexts in communication where it helps us to break down difficulty when we attempt to understand communication theory and their process.

Many people have doubt the purpose of studying communication theory. What do we actually learn from communication theory? According to International Association of Communication Activists (IACACT) (n.d.), one of the importance of understanding communication theory is to cultivate critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills are important as it shows the perspectives of our thinking and knowledge we have. As a prove, cultivation thinking skills have been put on top of the list in the current English teaching and educational reform besides 2,000 version of Higher Education Teaching for English Majors also stresses its importance (Yue & Ning, 2015). Critical thinking also can be

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