The Importance Of Understanding Life

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Life , life is a seemingly tough word to understand. The more you tend to explore it the more you seems to be confused. That’s why someone might have said that ignorance is bliss. But do ignoring it can rest our inquisitive and continuously exploring mind. I would rather say no, because it’s the very basic nature of mind to learn,explore,experience and understand things as good as it can.
To explore life we would have to start from its very beginning. The moment when a child is in the womb of it’s mother. He feels very secure as if no one can cause him harm. All his pains and sufferings are beared by his mother and he has nothing to worry about. This helps us to understand and experience the power of love and warmth. You must understand that
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Such kind of mind is the best mind to learn anything. It also makes us a healthy, peaceful being.
A child doesn’t want to get away from his mother. He only feels secure in her presence. This shows us the power of family and friends. Due to them we feel secure that they will help us in case of any problem in our life. A child is very eager to know and try each and everything. This is the second driving force of the life i.e inquisitiveness. Without it life is not possible. We always want to explore more and more. When a person’s will to explore and know things dies his development stops.
We all like childhood phase very much because we are given the most attention during that time. We feel like the king of world where everyone is trying to woo us and most of your wishes are fulfilled. We have to understand that it is not possible to have privilege of such a treatment throughout our lives. Some people want to be in childhood phase for this reason. But scientific research has shown that the babies and children are cute by nature so that adults can take care of them. We consider childhood to be best part of life because we are free from any kind of worries. This tells us that we all want to be free from sadness. If it is possible or not
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