The Importance Of Underwater Exploration

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Water is one of the main components that make up the Earth. A big percentage of the Earth, animals, plants, and humans is made of water. Consequently, water is considered as the most fundamental element that make up life. Despite its abundance, the underwater world is still minimally explored. There are a lot of factors that make underwater exploration difficult, such as humans’ incapability to withstand high pressure and extreme temperature, limited breathable air, and underwater safety issues. Despite its difficulty, there is a need for humans to explore the underwater world because it holds a lot of knowledge and resources that we have yet had access to. These resources include but are not limited to: [1] biodiversity, [2] medical related application and [3] offshore oil well. Furthermore, [4] also suggests that ocean infrastructure is really important since a lot of telecommunication cables need to be deployed from one land to another, which require them to pass through the ocean. Underwater robots are good solutions to enable humans to explore the ocean and to build and maintain underwater infrastructures. Industries around the world have been using underwater robots extensively. The Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is manually controlled from a boat to assist and/or accomplish operations underwater, such as underwater structure inspection and platform cleaning. Underwater robots could perform underwater tasks better than human since it does not have limited time

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