The Importance Of Unhealthy Lifestyles

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Healthy lifestyles play an important role in maintaining and improving a healthy body. Healthy lifestyles consists of the practices of healthy diet habits and vigorous in practicing physical activity. Healthy diet habits include consuming enough nutrition to the human body. Additionally, it also prevent and decrease the chances of the human body to have health risks. The unhealthy food consumptions consisting of unrestricted intake of sugar and salt in daily food, beverages, snacks and other types of fast food can cause various diseases (Ma et al., 2016). Besides, physical activities also contribute in sustaining healthy lifestyles. The opportunity for those who practice physical activities in a healthy manner has the tendency to have an ideal weight and be able to avoid unhealthy weight. The unhealthy weight were defined as a weight that increase the risk of health problem (Eisenberg et al., 2005). The unhealthy weight might lead to health complications such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension (Martínez-González et al., 1999). Thus, these diseases might lead to other chronic diseases. In this 21st century, obesity has been one of the most critical health challenges. It is one of the health complications due to the lack of practicing unhealthy lifestyle. It places a severe burden on health care systems. It can damage almost every system in the heart and lungs, muscles, kidneys, digestive tract, hormones that manage blood sugar and puberty. In the previous studies, World

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