The Importance Of Universal Health Care

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“Health care is an essential requirement for well being” (Maruthappu). All over the world, health care is a constant concern because of the difficulty maintaining quality and affordability. In the United States, health care reform has been a huge debate topic. The purpose of health care is to satisfy the medical needs of an individual. However, this is considered a “luxury” to many, because millions of low income families cannot afford the same care as the middle or high class. In this case, the right to live does not seem to be extended to all Americans. Universal health care will ensure a higher life expectancy, reduce cost of medical treatment through a single-payer method, and improve medical treatments. The United States will gain a higher life expectancy rate from a universal health care system. Harvard researchers found a “40% increased risk of death among the uninsured” (“Right to Health Care”). Low-income families will refuse treatment because of their inability to cover all of the medical cost. In many cases, the fear of debt outweighs the consequence of death. The people that are most at risk of death are adults. The government has “programs that target children” and the elderly, such as Medicare, which is a disadvantage for low-income adults (Balkin). It has been proven, that universal health care in other countries have a better life expectancy rate. According to one graph from World Bank, as of 2014, Japan has a higher life expectancy, 84 years, because of
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