The Importance Of Universal Healthcare In The United States

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We have the right to have things such as social security, free education, and public law enforcement, but when it comes funding our nation’s health with universal healthcare, we are quite far far from achieving full coverage. The United States health care spended total of $2.8 trillion dollars and it 's contributing to financial problems for U.S households, according to a new study that shows the complications a person must go through to avoid catastrophic health-care spending. The United States at large has about 47.9 million people that did not have health insurance in 2013 according to the U.S Census Bureau. Far less noticed is that the United States and Mexico are the only countries of 34 members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development that do not have universal health care.…show more content…
About 62% of all individual bankruptcies are related to medical expenses. U.S health care spending is financed by a mixture of households, the federal government, businesses, state and local governments, and other private sources. This has increased the number of people with poor public health and has raised the overall amount of money spent on health care. The study also showed that without universal healthcare it would spark a chain of events that makes people insufficient to have the ability to participate in the political, social, and economic life of society. This would cause the country to decline slowly as one of the richest and strongest

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