The Importance Of Urban Development In Dubai

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Dubai has radically changed over the period of last thirty years. It has become a major business state with sustainable and branched out economy. Especially over last ten years Dubai has noticed enormous economic development as a result of urban development that converted the uninhabited desert of Dubai into commercial, residential, economic and tourist state. Dubai has a major benefit of its crucial strategic location and it is the largest exporter of imported goods in the Middle East. Dubai offers low trade-offs and operational expenditures because of its strategic position. International stance and policies of a moderate government are pulling investors in massive amount. Trade, production, commerce, tourism, construction and infrastructure…show more content…
The degree of construction can be determined by the report that 25% of the cranes function in Dubai. The fast urban development in Dubai has grabbed the attention of economic experts and ecologists. Yet, the information related to development in the city has kept in secret. Hence, the current study provides us with an opportunity to determine an accurate technique for computing urban development. Urbanization generally occurs as a result of aspects like industrial growth, economic stability and population increase. On the other hand, urbanization can be controlled by a variety of aspects like land possession barrier and barriers like coastlines. The factors that create an ideal investment environment for local and international business are mixture of cost, promotion and environmental benefits. Infact, these benefits not only positions Dubai as the Gulf’s chief versatile business centre but they puts it at the front position of the world’s versatile and developed economies. In recent years, Dubai has become a major location for a variety of emergent, commercial industries and…show more content…
Its strategic locality makes it even more significant. Dubai is the major provider of Agri-Export merchandise.  Reachable: Dubai is connected with more than 135 countries and states through more than 120 shipping and 80 airline companies. 1. Political stability: UAE is a political stable country. The government consists of President, Prime Minister, Federal Supreme Council and Federal National Council. The Judicial system is extracted from civil law system and Sharia. Every state has its own executive councils. Administration is usually handles by autonomous councils for each department. The politics is banned in the country. 2. Economic Stability: UAE is economically and fiscally stable country. It is considered as least corrupt country in the Middle East. Unemployment is as low as 2% in the country. Dubai being the most important part of the country enjoys the special treatment. The government has provided clear legal structure for business and well-defined list of owner ship rule. Non-citizens are allowed to own possessions only in certain areas. They are allowed ownership rights of max up to 49% for limited liability organizations and up to 100% for professional

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