The Importance Of Urban Planning And Management

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Urban population altitudes are envisaged to reach 60% in the next 30 years and the majority of this population influx is expected to occur in developing countries. Hence, there is the need to improvise innovative and efficient urban planning and management policies to address these issues. Urban planning and management hereby becomes an efficient tool in mitigating the adverse effects of population explosion and its allied urban problems. This chapter hereby seeks to highlight the urban planning and management concepts and their challenges. It also identifies the management levels at the global, national, regional, and local levels. 2.1 Urban planning and management concepts. Urban management may be referred to as the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to protect activities to meet the urban requirements. This may include setting up a team for efficient mobilization of resources to maximize output. Urban areas cannot exist in isolation, they may require inputs from, and waste assimilation functions or, and other ecosystem (Sustainability concepts, 2013). Urban management is relevant in planning, in the sense that the urban ecosystem contains both individual and layered systems from three spheres; the natural environment, the built environment and the socio-economic environment, hence require dynamic balancing and integration. Urban planning may also be referred to as a practical and administrative process concerned with the use of land and protection of

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