The Importance Of Urbanization In A Green City

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Cities have from time to time been described as ‘concrete jungles’, a phrase used to describe the degree to which building have occupied the natural plantations. These ‘concrete jungles’ can be converted into tree jungles by properly utilizing the free unused apace on top of buildings. With urban trees and nearby forests being cut down for firewood and new development, green roofs are a means of restoring city environments. The increasing rate of urbanization in Nairobi has resulted into encroachment into forested area. It is therefore important that developers should adopt sustainable development. However, this is not always the case due to the high rate of urbanization. A green city is not only looked at in terms of green space but this is one of the major factors that contribute to a city being a green city. Other factors that contribute tit the greenness of a city are; efficient population monitoring, green forms of transportation, water quality and reduced air pollution. Green plants absorb the suns radiation for photosynthesis with a little portion reflected or transmitted through. The temperature around cities is therefore maintained and this is very important in areas which experience summer climate all through the year. Flooding that occurs in Nairobi during heavy downpour can be significantly reduced by the rooftop gardens that absorb storm water. Carbon dioxide, a major byproduct is used by plants for photosynthesis and oxygen is subsequently released.
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