The Importance Of Using Movies On Learning English Language

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1.2 The Importance of Using Movies on Learning English Language
In the world we live, the cultural heritage of a nation is Language. During the last decade, learning languages has become more important. Learning a new language not only it develops individual intelligence, but it gives us permit ion to enter and gets us near to another culture and prepares us with the important skills to succeed and change our behavior in a rapidly changing world (Chan and Herrero, 2010). “Visual literacy (the ability to interpret and create visual, digital, and audio media) is a fundamental form of literacy in the 21st Century” (Chan and Herrero, 2010, p.11). Movies are a part of that literacy and “movies are an enjoyable source of entertainment and language acquisition” (Ismaili, 2012, p. 122). Using movies in the ESL classrooms or as an outside school activity can support motivation of the learners, because of their playful component, and they can be used as task activities to give an ideal environment for learning, as well as encouraging participation and interaction among students (Chan and Herrero, 2010). “The use of movies in the language classroom can encourage a creative approach that can have applications across the curriculum” (Chan and Herrero, 2010, p. 6).
Many scholars have revealed that movies used in ESL classroom can become an essential part of the courses. This is based on the fact that movies give exposures to “real language,” used in authentic settings and in the

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