The Importance Of Using Technology In The Classroom

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1.The purpose of this research is to investigate whether using technology in the classroom can help students to learn more, effectively and with more depth and whether the teacher can support students more productively therefore enhancing children’s self–esteem and interest whilst increasing results.

2. By linking the more traditional teaching theories and ideologies with the latest computer technology can teachers help students access to learning materials and allow them to work more independently. By using technology, can the appropriate amount of teacher, peer and student feedback be given and will it help make students take more control of their learning? By connecting the both old and new approaches, reaching out to children and engaging them by use of an interactive, digital world from within the classroom, it is possible that good teaching practice can be incorporated using modern technology?

3. By looking at various studies and referring to work within my own classroom, does it demonstrate that using computer based tools to access classwork works better when it supports collaboration and interaction or when it is used to support work being executed using the more traditional methods?

4. How does digital technology replace or enhance more traditional activities that may be set for a typical Year 3 class and what the value would be for the students and teachers when implemented?
This research consists of a series of activities set on the Virtual Learning
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