My Life In Which I Have Followed Utilitarianism Essay

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Describe one area in your life in which you have followed Utilitarianism in deciding upon a course of action. There are numerous areas in my life in which I have followed Utilitarianism in deciding on a course of action. For the purpose of an effective discussion, Utilitarianism is the basic idea “which produces the greatest amount of pleasure (Hedonism) (Physical and emotional) for the greatest number of people” (Pecorino, 2000, para 1). In other words, whenever a large number of people benefits from a worthy course, then the world would be a better place to live and that is regarded as good. I have had to follow this idea in deciding a course of action in my community. The community did not have a playground for kids so when I relocated to the community, my property was large enough to take several buildings that could enable me to increase my future investment.…show more content…
However, in my perspective, there is no consequence that makes an action right. For instance, the fact that a woman has been married for a long time without bearing children for her husband who is threating to send her parking is not a justification to go and steal or buy a baby. Although the baby will bring a huge relief to the family, that does not make the action right. That is a bad deed that brings a good consequence; however, it is irrelevant to accept it as a good or moral behavior (Pecorino, 2000). Another example I would like to consider to show that consequences do not make an action right is a girl intending to write her final exam. Her success in the exam would land her a dream job. After the exam, she discovered that the exam was not in her favor. In order to get her dream job, she chooses to sleep with the instructor and receives a passing grade. Will that action be considered good in any sense? I do not think so. In my candid perspective, a good action can only lead to a good end. A good end that comes from a bad action cannot be justified to be
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