The Importance Of Utilitarianism

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Describe one area in your life in which you have followed Utilitarianism in deciding upon a course of action. There are numerous areas in my life in which I have followed Utilitarianism in deciding on a course of action. For the purpose of an effective discussion, Utilitarianism is the basic idea “which produces the greatest amount of pleasure (Hedonism) (Physical and emotional) for the greatest number of people” (Pecorino, 2000, para 1). In other words, whenever a large number of people benefits from a worthy course, then the world would be a better place to live and that is regarded as good. I have had to follow this idea in deciding a course of action in my community. The community did not have a playground for kids so when I relocated to the community, my property was large enough to take several buildings that could enable me to increase my future investment. However, I decided to create general children playing ground where all the kids in the community would assemble, play, and make new friends. What was your reasoning? My reasoning was quite simple; I could erect buildings in the property and make more money, which is my personal and family benefit (Ethical Egoism). However, I saw how desperate the community kids were and should they have a playing ground, it will relieve them of different tension and stresses of staying home. With this obvious reasoning, I was convinced that creating a playing ground that would eventually benefit more people was the right thing to

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