The Importance Of Value In Society

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Value is the worth of a person. Everyone has their own unique values. It is important for them to know that they should value their own selves. We should not just value our own self, but we should also value some other important aspects of our lives. We are all going to have different values because we all grew up having different beliefs and opinions. All of us are going to experience different successes. The main point I will focus on is the importance of what I value and what society should value. Society should value a job, time, and food while tradition, success, education and the future are the most important aspects I value. In society, we should value our jobs because that is what keeps us moving forward. We need the money to pay our monthly dues. If we do not have work, that means we cannot pay our bills and could end up with nothing. Without money, we can’t do much. Work is important to everyone in our society and no one wants to avoid it. While working, one can learn and develop new skills and…show more content…
There were not many choices on what we can do. There were not many jobs that the people could work for. If one wanted a job, they had to go to a city far away from the camp. Most people did not want to stay with their family, so they stayed in the camp and tried their best to take care of their family. I was just a young boy, so there not much for me to do expect help out at home and go to school. Most of the people in the camp valued food because it was hard to find food when we didn’t have much money to spend. Each morning, my dad and his friends would go to the forest and try to hunt for some large animals like deer, monkey, elk, and moose so we can have a nice meal. They would split it equally whenever they caught an animal. Beside that, we only had rice and different kind of vegetables. That was our everyday meal. We had to value what we had. We did not waste any items that we could reuse later. We saved what we
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