The Importance Of Vehicle Comfort

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Vehicle comfort is an issue that recently has begun to attract attention of automotive companies in a spectacular way, since it is increasingly clear vehicles are no longer regarded as mere equipments transporting people from one place to another. Nowadays, vehicles are considered as part of people’s entertainment, a kind of extension of people’s houses; thus, they should offer users a high degree of comfort.

In a vehicle all elements (engine, suspension, support, chassis, interior, etc.) interact continuously from the moment it starts moving. Altogether these interactions transmit passengers a physiological or physical sensation, that if it is pleasant is known as comfort, but if it produces a negative feeling is known as discomfort.

According to some publications, vehicles’ comfort is closely linked to vibrations passengers undergo during transportation. While vibrations passengers feels in a vehicle (either by the characteristics of the roads, tires being used, among others), constitute one of the factors that indoubtedly influence comfort, it does not depend only on vibration. Comfort is also influenced by other issues, such as vehicles available space for passengers, acoustics, air conditioning, visibility of instruments (speedometer, etc.), adequate lighting, ergonomic seats, consoles, etc. Particularly in the case of trucks, which commonly are vehicles used to transport cargo, consoles add an important degree of comfort to drivers due to the different

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