How Victim Affects A Person's Life

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Victim is a word that has used to define when a person has been affected by a traumatic matter in ones lives. My parents are always harping on me about getting scholarships and doing well in school when I have always struggled staying in focus. Money has also been an issue in our family. Gratefully, my brother got a full-ride to college so he doesn't have a financial burden waiting for him at the end of his schooling. I would like to prove to my parents that their kids would not have to struggle with paying for their education once it is all over. My mother did not finish her education due to her having to help around her parent’s house back in El Salvador. The rate of girls dropping out of school in El Salvador, especially in the village that…show more content…
In the past year, I had to change a big aspect of myself; I recently lost my best friend of three years. Overcoming the fact of having to see him every single day and not going up to him and joking around as we always do would just hurt me so much. I invested so much time into him and I felt confident about everything I told him. I trusted him with all my heart, and I will always want the best for him. Plenty of people say that you will never talk to the people you used to talk to in high school, but I truly thought that we would overcome adversity and be best friends forever. While in the process of losing my best friend, my image was ruined by his other best friends and was put up on Snapchat for everyone to see. I felt betrayed because I put all my trust into him and for that to be altered really did hurt me. I was never a victim to any form of bullying or anything before, but to become a victim to something that is a constant problem for the teenagers in my generation. Cyber bullying is an ongoing problem in today’s society and in my future career of being a person that will put things out there for the whole world to see is a problem I would really like to conquer and have it come to an end because nobody deserves to feel bad about them. Everyone has a purpose in like and that shouldn't be taken away with some words that people have
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