Video Game Ethical Issues Essay

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The video game industry has face constant criticism dating back to the early 80’s and 90’s related to video games depicting acts of violence and exacerbating adult themes. As special interest groups and committees petitioning the lower court system and Supreme Court for judicial and legislative decision to ban or regulate the sale of video games violent in nature to minors. (Donovan, 2011) However, the court’s verdict placed the artistically designs and storylines of the game designers fall under the protection of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Although the committee argued with future technological advancements video games’ elements and graphical would reproduce exact reproduction of real-life scenarios and human-like in game…show more content…
As the Supreme Court already ruled violent video games sale and rental to minors was protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This decision placed the responsibility on the parents to ensure their children watched or interacted in an environment of appropriate entertainment. As it’s too easy to place one’s deontological responsibilities on another individual or organization, not all decisions are meant to be utilitarian, what may be appropriate for some is not always generally good for all. Additionally, the Columbine School Shooting correlated evidence of lack of parents’ involvement, even though Sue Klebold denies any knowledge of events. No matter what story or scientific evidence formed or hypothesis deontological responsibilities will not change, one chooses to be a parent not one chooses to be a
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