The Importance Of Video Games

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Video games are used worldwide. almost every person in the modern world posses a platform for gaming. For that reason, the effect of video games on human’s everyday life should be examined. In this article we argue video games benefit human’s skills and abilities. We explain how shooting games improve our senses and socialization skills. we also explain how racing games improve motor skills. We present the negative effects of obsessive gaming and discuss about the consensus that video games increase violence. We conclude with our opinion about the future of video games. In these days, Video games takes a major presence in most people lives, young and adult. Video games are very attracting and built to let people have fun and relax in their free time. When Video games first appeared they were designed only for pleasure and to let us release stress. Over the years the quality of the games has improved. Video games become more rexalistic and in addition they got more complex and intelligent. As a result, gamers have to think before they act, find solutions for sophisticated problems and use advanced abilities to succeed. In her article Charlotte Iserbyt says: “The computer is an operant conditioning machine and no less than the late Harvard Professor B.F. Skinner, the father of operant conditioning, referred to it as "his box."” [1]. Thus we acknowledge that human can learn from a computer and more specific human can learn from video games that is why we argue that
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