The Importance Of Violence In Ender's Game

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Importance of Violence Violence is more effective and necessary than other actions such as words during a fight against someone. In Ender’s Game, a boy named Ender Wiggin trains for a war in the Battle and Command School and encounters fights where his best option is violence. Violence is necessary because people need violence in order to win, to protect them, and because the lack of violence leads to loss. Violence is useful for winning a fight for example during the fight against Stilson, “Ender knew the unspoken rules of manly warfare even though he was only six. It was forbidden to strike an opponent who lay helpless on the ground; only an animal would do that,”(Card pg.7). This shows that in this situation…show more content…
When Ender was talking to himself he said,”the power to cause pain is the only power that matters, the power to kill and destroy, because if you can’t kill then you’re always subject to those who can, and no one will ever save you,”(Card pg.212). This shows that inaction can make people prone to lose against people who have power can have power over them because inaction leaves them open and defenseless to those they could restrain. This also shows that inaction leads to loss because Ender is referring to the fight against Stilson, Bonzo, and Bernard because if he had waited for the teachers to respond to call for help they would’ve overpowered him and he would’ve lost. After ender defeated the buggers Mazer Rackham told Ender, “you made the hard choice, boy. All or nothing. End them or end us. But heaven knows there was no other way you could’ve done it,” (Card pg.296). This shows that Mazer knew that if they had done nothing during the fight against the bugger humanity would be in danger because the buggers would’ve came back to wipe out humanity. This also shows that inaction leads to loss because Mazer said that it was, “all or nothing”, which meant that they could do everything they could and win or do nothing and lose. These quotes prove that inaction leads to loss because throughout Ender’s Game the characters like Ender and Mazer have been through battles where they know that if they don’t do anything at all they would

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