Violence In Schindler's List

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When one thinks of a violent film I feel as though a Tarantino movie comes to mind instantly. However, in this instance I chose a different violent film. In this assignment, I will be talking about the violence in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film, Schindler’s List. As most people probably know by now, Schindler’s List is about the Holocaust committed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi German army. The horrendous acts committed during World War II still haunt people today. A lot of people did not realize the extent of the brutality that took place in concentration camps across the country until this film was released.
The entire film is filled with 195 minutes of pure gut ranching brutal acts committed by Nazi armed men. The entire film is filled with true acts of violence showing the entire process of when a Jewish member of the community
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People to this day still find horror and beauty in this film, finding this film an extraordinary masterpiece executed by director, Steven Spielberg. Some people do disagree with the images shown in the film, however, as a whole, the entire community who thoroughly enjoys films agree the accuracy of this film that did not hold back any viewing content truly added greatly to the film.
Perhaps the most touching reaction came from the place where it all started. The premiere of Schindler’s List in Germany with a room filled with 800 people – Germans and Jews, diplomats and artists, film makers and people who had known Oskar Schindler when he lived there (Whitney, 1994). The reactions of those who were closer to the incidents were greater than those less affected. An audience member in Germany named Michael Friedmann, a 38-year-old son of two Schindler Jews who is a lawyer in Germany, saw the film with his mother. He stated his reaction to the film as follows.
"I saw my parents, and I was crying," he said of the film. "I saw the millions who
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