The Importance Of Violence In Society

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Our society has many great things to offer. However, there is always room for improvement. Violence is one of the main issues that the world faces today. The definition of my great society is people who support each other, themselves, and the environment. To ensure people know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, schools will be required to have a nutritional and physical education course that all students must take. To support the environment, I would encourage the use of green energy on personal and commercial scales. Lastly, to help people support each other, I would promote positivity and kindness. Improving the world requires effort from all the citizens of the world!
My first change would be to implement better nutritional and physical education in America’s school system. It is important to educate children on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through their adult years. About 15% of
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My third change would be to spread kindness and positivity to overpower this violence. Spreading kindness is important because it also spreads hope. In the big picture of life, everyone is in it together. One person’s actions have a rippling effect on many other people. Kindness helps others through their best and worst times of life. Society needs to change to have a more positive outlook on whatever is thrown their way. Kindness makes people happier, strengthens hearts, slows aging, and is contagious. If the world is filled with kindness, there will be less rage and violence. These changes can be made by teaching compassion and kindness to children at a young age. Those values will be instilled in them for the rest of their lives. If just one person goes out of their way to be helpful instead of harmful, it will create a rippling effect. These changes will produce a happier community in which people live. It will make people kinder and less violent cutting down on depression, injuries, and even

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