The Importance Of Violence In Video Games

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5 Video games are not nefarious the issue of whether or not violence in video games affects our youth has been an issue since video games were created. But, simulated violence does not create real world violence, because most people have common sense, shares no direct connection to real world violence, and relieves stress rather than increase it. To begin with, simulated violence does not cause real world violence, as most people have enough common sense to know harming people physically is not okay. A particularly compelling example of this is an excerpt from a viewpoint article by Rashawn Blanchard: "People in general do not want to bring harm to one another for no reason and playing a video game simply isn't a large enough reason to force someone out of the comfort of their living room and onto a sidewalk with a shotgun and an aimless vendetta. (Blanchard Para 10)." the indicated helps to show that people are nicer than we give them credit for- We are not just going to attack someone for no reason. This point is also emphasized by this excerpt from…show more content…
When the violence in a game goes from physical violence to mental violence meant to traumatise or scare the player, that is where the line needs to be drawn. Research shows that when just viewing violence, rather than experiencing it, people can develop trauma that lasts weeks or even years. Why should this be different for video games? If violence is used only for the purpose of scaring a player, it becomes much more traumatising, not to mention lazy. Conclusion In conclusion, violence in video games does not cause violence in the real world since most human beings have enough common sense to know that killing is wrong, there is little to no connection between simulated violence and real world violence, and rather than increase someone's stress and aggression, relieves
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