The Importance Of Violent Video Games And Violence

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In the United States of America, there have been 297 victims due to mass shootings in educational institutions, there have also been countless massacres and violence incidents in public places such as offices, parks, institutions and even churches. So how do the people think we can stop these public tragedies? Unsurprisingly, many put the blame on things like violent forms of entertainment. Many believe these entertainment methods corrupt the minds of the youth and make them want to do what they see in these violent movies/games.

Supposedly, if we ban these forms entertainment methods, we will stop violent incidents on a large scale. But, according to studies, There is very little support on whether violent entertainment causes violence in adults lives; Therefore we can 't be certain about any effect of these on mature minds. Many people believe that no matter who you are, violent video games have the power to convert you into being hostile/aggressive; Even though millions of people play/watch violent games/movies every day and show no significant sign of aggression. But that doesn 't mean that they don 't make some people have a sudden outburst of violence. I believe that playing violent video games, watching violent movies, etc, isn 't going to make anyone violent as long as they are mature enough to reason with themselves. It doesn 't take a genius to realize that it 's not about age or gender, It 's about the individual 's maturity and ability to handle violence in
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