The Importance Of Virginity Testing In South Africa

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Powa’s (People opposing women abuse) Palesa Mpapa said, “The fact that we align virginity to the right to education is not making sense. It’s also discriminating - the girls being lured into bursaries on the basis of virginity and what are we saying about boys?”
She said that the practice of virginity testing was unconstitutional.

“If anyone wants to keep their virginity, it’s their right to do it in their individual capacity. It’s a personal issue, which is not supposed to be done in public and it’s also not good that anyone’s using it in order to get a bursary.”
The constitutional and human rights violations of this scheme have prompted significant condemnation from activists and lawyers in South Africa.
The bursaries infringe on numerous constitutionally protected rights. First is the right to EQUALITY.
This scheme unfairly discriminates against women and is therefore in contravention of section 9 of the Constitution and the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act.
“We don 't support anything that undermines the rights of women, be it cultural or not. If these details are true, we will definitely find it objectionable, and engage with the municipality to resolve it.” Department of Woman
Men are not required to adhere to a virginity standard in any of the 100 bursaries offered by the municipality. In order to keep their bursaries, men neither bear the ‘burden’ of remaining sexually inactive nor are they forced to undergo invasive, bi-annual

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