Virtual Real World: What´s Virtual Reality?

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So what is virtual reality? Answer is simple – it is virtual environment that is created by gadgets, software and even artificially created sensing experience that is presented to the user in such a way that he believes and accept it as a real environment. Virtual Reality varies from augmented reality. In virtual reality, the real world is completely blocked out and a virtual world is created, whereas in Augmented reality adds to the already existing real world. Virtual reality is created by artificial sensory experiences like sight, sound, touch and smell. Virtual Realities (VR) are used everywhere like in education, training, military, medical, entertainment and gaming purposes.

VR is very helpful from training point of view, it allows professional to improve their skills without the consequence of failing the operation. VR is adopted by military and is particularly useful for training soldiers for combat situations and very dangerous environment where they learn how to react in an appropriate manner without risk of serious injury and death. Military uses VR in flight simulation, battlefield simulation, vehicle simulation, virtual boot camp, medic training etc. It is also used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. The idea is for them to be exposed to the triggers for their condition
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There will not be any difference in reality and virtuality. Reality is what our sensory organ delivers information to our brain from external world. Everything we see, smell, feel, hear and taste is sent to the brain and brain creates the image of outside world. So in this sense what our brain thinks is reality. But what if we can able to alter what it feels means creating and sensing imaginary world by just controlling the senses and signals to brain, haha then we will be able to enjoy and do everything by just sitting on a couch. And I think it will going to happen in

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