The Importance Of Virtual Work In The Workplace

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Introduction: The advancement in Information Technology changed the way people worked throughout history. A hundred years ago, the average American in the labor force worked longer hours in harsh labor-intensive conditions. These jobs were typically manufacturing or factory jobs that required constant manual input to function. In today’s job market, tasks are becoming increasingly automated, which requires less physical labor. There are constant development and changes in technology that shape an organizations work environment. The most notable change in today’s workforce is remote work, which refers to people working in physical isolations from others. Informs’ article Knowing Where You Stand: Physical Isolation, Perceived Respect, and Organizational Identification Among Virtual Employees, analyzes the relationship between physical isolations in the workplace and employees perceived respect for their organization. Summary The rise in virtual work offers a broader range of options for where employees choose to work. Virtual work refers to employees within an organization who work in a space that is not collocated amongst their co-workers, such as teleworking from one’s home. As a result, organizations are restructuring their workplace design to reflect employees who work remotely. Informs’ article, studied the relationship between the degree of virtual work and its impact on how employees perceive their level of respect in an organization. The study tested the
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