The Importance Of Virtue Ethics

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Ethics has opened my world significantly, no longer do I only think in black and white or good or bad, I now think in gray. Without ethics I feel no one can possess an opinion and without knowing your ethical priorities, what makes you think the way you do. Virtue ethics is the closest alignment of my thinking. The value of nature and other beings is very important to me. Without these emotions, how do we connect to an issue or form an opinion on a topic. In utilitarianism every decision should be made to benefit the majority of people and deontology everything is judged on a set of rules. In both of these styles of ethics reason is valued higher than emotion. There are times when it is not possible to be just a virtue ethics thinker because…show more content…
Like Speer in “The Nazi Engineers” by Eric Katz, “I felt at ease in my work only so long as my person an my work were evaluated solely by the standard of practical accomplishments (53).” Speer did not think about who his invention was hurting or what his creation could be used for. Instead, he only focused on solving a problem. Sandler offers six questions someone might consider using a value analysis one of the six that stood out to me was, “ Would anyone be disadvantaged or made worse off is this problem were solved (74)?” As engineers, we are bound to make or use technology that will negatively affect someone else’s work. Last year in my computer science course there was a speaker that invented a machine that retrieves packages off shelves in Amazon warehouses. This technology is extremely impressive and boosts efficiency of the company tremendously, but it also took away jobs due to the fact that Amazon did not need as many people to control the machines as they did to take products off of a shelf. One way that the inventor of this package retriever did manage to save a lot of jobs was that he did not make the whole process of retrieving, scanning, and shipping completely automated. The inventor still made a need for human interaction with the machines,…show more content…
In the old Catholicism days church and state were one thing. They united the people using the church and controlled them using the Bible and their status as religious leaders. When the United States was formed we made a distinct separation between church and state. The founding fathers saw that people were much more peaceful and united despite their different religious beliefs. George Washington in his farewell address said, “of 'all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.” The Catholics would have argued that religion and morality are the basis of every thought and therefore you cannot have a government free of a national religion. These arguments on both sides have their own pros and cons and who is to say that one is “good” and the other is

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