The Importance Of Vision 2020

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Malaysia has a vision of becoming a developed country by 2020 (Mohammad, 1998) through industrialization (Karchner Ober, 2012). The vision, known as Vision 2020, was championed by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad in 1991, aspires for “economic prosperity, social well-being, educational world class, political stability, as well as psychological balance” (Zubir &, Brebbia, 2013, p. 66). However, to achieve the aspirations are not easy. This is because, they involve developments in every aspects such as political and social stability, technology advancement, economic growth, knowledge and skills enhancement. Abd. Ghafar Mahmud (2013) explained that these developments are pivotal for Malaysian not only to achieve the Vision 2020 but also to remain competitive and resilient in current global scenario. The basic requirement to achieve these goals is the ability to communicate with people from other countries. Hence, they need to master the language which commonly used by everyone all around the world. Currently, English is still considered as the most spoken language by many countries in the world (Crystal, 2012). English is used as medium for interaction and transactions in every discipline such as politics, economics, humanitarian, science and technology (Zughoul, 2003). Based on this fact, Malaysians have no choice but to learn speaking the language effectively. Inability to understand or communicate in English would only obstruct the advantage of gaining new

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