The Importance Of Visual Aids In The Classroom

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The students are the utmost forceful resources in the classroom. However, who is leading these students together with conducting an atmosphere of the classroom overwhelmingly? It is a teacher who can draw thought and experience to the students into the classroom. For example, the teacher guides them to write or talk about a specific topic or ask them to share their own experience with classmates.
A major issue of Such teachers is how their knowledge conveys more effectively to the learners in teaching language. The reason that learning the language means to absorb numerous information that is not continually pleasure. Indeed, acquiring a language might seem monotonous. In this regard, the introduction in Visual materials is worthy of notice. The one of a variety of teaching tools succor language acquirements, and they arouse the interest in the students as well delivery clarifies points.
Plenty of research has demonstrated that learning language with visual materials increases learner’s memory more permanently. And according to Danan (1992), use of diverse types of visual aids help teachers seeking to improve student motivation and interaction in class as well as learning of particular language skills and knowledge. Hence, the visual aids can be one of the solutions to the language teacher. There are many different types of visual aid.

Realia: Sole real object in visual aids brings a real life from the outside world into the classroom what we call Realia. For example,

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