The Importance Of Visual Arts Education

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Introducation In the following essay I will discuss what visual arts education is and what my role as visual arts facilitator is. I will also discuss how art history and visual culture studies link with visual arts education. Before discussing this particular link, I will have to distinguish the difference between art history and visual culture studies. The focus of this essay will be visual arts, as I’m studying towards a PGCE diploma in the Senior and FET phase. 1. Visual Arts in Education I want to start this essay off with the explanation that is given in the CAPS Visual arts FET phase document, Section 2. The document states, “Visual Arts covers a broad field of creative practice that involves the hand, the eye, the intellect and imagination [of learners].” All of these aspects mentioned, support learners to create a variety of artworks that involves a lot of theoretical research. This theory assists with making of a meaningful artwork that mirrors or echoes the visual, conceptual and emotional worries the individual (or group) have (CAPS FET phase, 2011, pg.8). Visual Arts in education is all about expressing oneself and help individuals to participate implicitly and respond to certain problems that are distinctive in their environments or the world. Through this participation, learners start to create their own type of “visual language and literacy.” This language and knowledge they obtain is wrought by “study of visual culture, past and present” (CAPS
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