Personal Reflection On Voting In Canada

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Abi H. Civic Reflection Issue 1- Change in Point of View: In Canada, voter turnout has become a major issue; as there is a large amount of the population that does not vote in elections. Back in 2008, a total of 58% of the countries` population voted in the election. This is a startling low number, which since has begun to increase only slightly in recent years. In a democratic society, voting is essential for it to function with its full potential. Doing so enacts one of your basic responsibilities as a citizen, as well as shows that you are staying involved in your community and government. The serious lack of voter turnout contradicts this responsibility. There are individuals who speculate that it would be beneficial to make voting mandatory, with repercussions for those who do not vote. At the beginning of the course, I had believed that voting should be made mandatory. I thought that it would inspire people to vote, and would increase the numbers of turnout that way. However after various discussions, my opinion is changed. I now believe that it would not be beneficial to make voting mandatory,…show more content…
I am still a strong believer in pro-choice, and the ability to be allowed to decide what you want to do with your child. Though there is an increased popularity in contraceptives, there are still occurrences where someone might become pregnant without the intention to do so. Sometimes there is a health risk involved, and pregnancy can harm the health of the mother. The more I have researched statistics and various reasons/stories for pro-choice, the more I feel more strengthened in my opinion. A good example of this is when I read about the safety and convenience behind abortion procedures; there is a mortality rate of less than 1 in 100,000, and newer semi-conscious drug allows for the individual to leave the hospital/clinic as soon as an hour after the
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