The Importance Of Voting In The United States

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“Young people need to vote. They need to get out there. Every vote counts. Educate yourself to. Don 't just vote. Know what you 're voting for, and stand by that”(Reed). This is a quote from Nikki Reed who is an American actress and screenwriter. She is giving advice to younger people to vote and educate themselves before knowing who to vote for. The United States is a federal republic. Voting is a civic duty but some still decide not too. Someone might ask, “ What is a federal republic.” A Federal public is a type of government made up into smaller states and its powers is shared between the federal government and those smaller states. In the United States , the right to vote is a civic duty. We choose the President and the government…show more content…
It wasn’t until 1920 during the Nineteenth Amendment where woman were finally allowed to vote. If it wasn 't for Susan B Anthony; woman until this day wouldn’t have a voice to be heard. People went through hell and back just to fight for our rights to vote but some people still take advantage of this and not vote. In every election, many people say their vote won’t count. Not true, your vote is always counted. Each and every vote counts. The vote will be taken into consideration unless we don’t vote then we cant change the one sitting in government. “In reality, the popular vote in each state determines which candidate the Electoral College endorses for that state. Therefore, your vote does count within your state” (Zen College Life). See, your vote does count based on popular vote within your state. To chose not to vote will lead us to loosing our rights as United States citizen. Some people simply don 't vote because they don 't know anything about politics. Before elections in a few months give yourself some time. Get to know each side of the party when I say party I mean as in Democratic or Republican. Get some research , get to know somebody who knows about politics, and learn. “A democracy can’t be strong if its citizenship is weak”

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