The Importance Of War In Tom Jericho's Enigma

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Fear: it can keep a person up all night. When mathematician Tom Jericho first cracks the Nazi shark code, he returns home a legend. Jericho can see nothing but blue skies until the unthinkable happens, the Nazis change their code. Now, fueled by fear of failure, and the loss for the allied forces that failure may represent, he must return to his post at Bletchley Park to decipher shark a second time. In the novel Enigma, the author uses Jericho’s character to emphasize the true stress and horror inherent in working for the allied forces during the second World War. The most direct way the war wears on Jericho is Paranoia. With the war raging on all around him, and the secrecy of his mission, spies could be anywhere. His efforts and attempts
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