The Importance Of Waste Food

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Wastefulness of things general make me upset, especially seeing people wasting always make me thinks about other people that don"t have money or other means to get food. When we scrape off dishes after a large meal, too full to finish the remaining food on our plate; we rarely pause and think about the the significance of our action. It seems to us routine. Bear with me, this is very important to me, because I was brought up poor; seeing my mother doing everything possible so that she can feed me and siblings. One example was she will wake up very early in the morning before we goes to school, and goes to the market to sell the hand made basket that she made the night before, with that money she will be able to feeds us for couple of days.…show more content…
Unfortunate most people are not aware of this because they think that a ugly looking vegetable mighty not be edible because of the shape, which is unfortunate, because we all what to eat organic food but not aware that natural looking food does not look like plastic shape, and picture perfect, This has force our farmers to trow away thousands of pounds of vegetable away every day because of lack of education that really food does not look like what you sees in magazine. Our grosery store are also responsible for wasting food, most of their unsellable goods are throw into the garbage, they don't even allow their employee to take it home and used, and most of the time don't even donate the food to homeless shelter, they will rather save trow it in the garbage which does not make any sense to me. I find most of the waste that happed are unnecessary, because we can do better as individual and collectively; by taking little time to think about our neighbors that might not have food to feed to their children, and even about homeless men and women that are unfortunately might not have a place to sleep, but when when they get to shelter their is food for them to eat and drinks for them to eat. When i look back to where I was coming from and I know that their is still millions mother and father in my country and here in America that are finding it difficult every day to feeds their families; even if they have two jobs, they might not be able to feeds their children some time. This can happed to any of us, because, we just have hope and pray we don't lose our job. Their is so many things we can do help, we can start by just been conscious of what we buy and how we keep our food to stay longer so

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