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The definition of waste is key to the regulation of waste management as it sets out the scope of the material that need to be taken into consideration, waste management act detail a set of key legal obligations that construction industries need to familiarize themselves with, these keys encompass the requirements for waste management planning, the authorisation of waste facilities, waste collection and measures to avoid the production of waste while executing a task. The application of the waste management hierarchy in the industry, it benefits not only the environment also protects the health of human being
The construction industry by its nature is not an environment-friendly activity. Studies reveal the negative impacts that construction activities have towards
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Construction management is a huge problem that must be addressed, hence studies were conducted to outline the policies that will serve as a guideline in relation to waste management in general and construction waste management specifically. These policies are organized in a graphic manner as a policy framework to give readers, who might not be acquainted with the impact of waste in the economy. Governments around the world have taken steps to introduce public policies for regulating construction activities targeting to reduce negative impacts to the natural environment as a typical public good. However public policy is regarded as an inclusive term which consist of regulations, codes of practice, and initiatives introduced by government. According to Kilpatrick, public policy is defined as a system of laws, courses of action and regulatory measures which declare objectives to be

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