The Importance Of Watching TV

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Ever find yourself doing something just to kill time, but end up killing too much time? It can be on the phone, watching tv, or even cooking. For example, In the morning I watch tv to help me get dressed so I won 't fall asleep, but sometimes I am too engaged into the tv and I wind up missing the bus. It may feel time Is moving faster than it should or is it the show is that Interesting that I lost track of the time. Watching TV can be very interesting. It can be something like a reality show that has a lot of conflict and you go “man this a good show” and you want to keep watching. Or can be a sports show that you like and they bring up a very interesting topic that you can relate to or you have been wanting to know the answer to as well. You end up watching too much of the show and you forget to finish getting dressed now you are running late. For example, I was watching teen titans and It was a new episode. So I supposed to be leaving the house to go to work. When I looked at the time I realized that I 'm late and I started rushing. After getting everything and running to catch the bus I realized that I left my hat and my headphones. That goes to show be careful and keep track of your time. Me personally I play the game and end up losing all track of time . The games I play range from Madden, Grand Theft Auto 5, and NBA 2k. When I 'm playing Madden, it’s hard to stop due to the fact that I love the competition and the graphics. The graphics make it…show more content…
When I need help I turn to my friends and call them to help keep track of time since we ride the same bus. He would call me when he leaves his house and i’ll leave with him. Sometimes I set an alarm, but i am so deep into the game i end up ignoring the alarm. It gets hard trying to avoid losing time I try to keep a schedule but sometimes I fail. My parents have been helping out a lot with managing time. My dad took me to school some days and my mom called me and remind me that it 's time for
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