Why You Should Drink Persuasive Essay

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People say that you should drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated to lose weight. It’s a fact but if you want to know about the exact amount you should drink, you have to perform little calculations. Normal person with an average weight drinks about 8 glass which in the case of an overweight person exceeds. It is a clear fact adding 1.5 L water drinking can help you melt your fats and lose your 8 pounds in 12 weeks’ time period.
Calculator for Daily Water Intake
This is available in so many website, you just have to simply put your weight and your daily workout times. By calculating it will give you the exact amount of water you should consume per day. This will help you to identify where you stand in the chart. This gives you the
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Slices of orange, cucumber lemon or mint can be added to it and allow to cool. The nutrients will reach directly to your system with water and of course a great source of hydration.

Do not make Mistakes
Consume water throughout the day is better than drinking all in once!
In case of over hydration, a person usually experience signs of bloating and swelling but that’s a very rare case. Keep your body hydrated is a natural way to lose weight and boost your inner metabolism. In case of extra water retention a person can also experience liver and kidney insufficiency or signs of congestive heart failure.
Some people thinks drinking tea or soda water is the same thing as drinking water. Water is a plain substance that contains no variation in nutrients unlike the sugary drinks which interferes with your hormones and makes you gain weight.
Clearly Conceived, it is only staying hydrated that can affect your weight loss goal. Sufficient intake of water have so many benefits apart from weight loss, your body will respond well plus your skin and hair will gain brightness. Do you need to drop extra pounds? Then start today by adding copious amount of water to your
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