The Importance Of Water In Southern California

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Due to a shortage of water in California, the governor has proposed a diversion system to move water from the Northern California to Southern California. As for this will probably help since there is more farming, and more climate changes in Northern California. This will make a big bad and good difference. First, it will be a bad situation because then the farmers will not have the water they need for their crops, animals, etc. But at the same time farmers should have a limit of water they can waste for their needs. There are some farmers that have dams that they own,so pretty much they can open the river when they want and the water will flow in a river for the animals to drink. I think that’s a waste of water because the water flows everyday and it just goes to waste. Some farmers might say that they need the water, that how are they just going to let more than 100 cows die. I think those people just care about the money, because it only helps their needs. While they can waste more water than anyone else on their livestock we get screwed because there is less water for us. Obviously they don’t care as long as they have water for their needs, we suffer more with out no water.…show more content…
There are more people in the bigger cities like Los Angeles, and San diego, those are the busiest places where people go visit and work at. Los Angeles is best known for the population and factory systems. Therefore, there is less rain down Southern California. The diversion system will help out a lot since there is more rain and climate change up Northern

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